Yet another large building is on fire in the city of Buffalo within a matter of weeks. 

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Firefighters are battling a large blaze at Buffalo Central Terminal, approximately two miles from downtown Buffalo, near Milburn Street and  Broadway. Several streets surrounding the area are currently blocked off from traffic, and it is unknown if they will reopen for the morning commute.

Social media claims state that a large tire fire was lit underneath the former train platforms, and WIVB reports that an arsonist possibly ignited the blaze. 

The former historic railroad station, which opened to the public in 1929, was the site of several plans for revitalization in recent years. Most recently, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that plans to renovate the terminal would receive $61 million in funding through New York State’s Regional Revitalization Partnership.

Less than one month ago, Buffalo firefighter Jason Arno, 37,  sacrificed his life while fighting a 4-alarm fire on Main Street in downtown Buffalo. The surrounding area has yet to be reopened to traffic.

We are currently sending all of our love, thoughts, and well-wishes to the heroic firefighters battling this blaze.

We will update our information as more details become available.

Massive Fire In Downtown Buffalo

A large structure fire overtakes a four-story building on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo on March 1st,

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