The Buffalo community received some horrible news to start the week: a major landmark in the area was discovered to be engulfed in flames. 

Many people have called it the most famous bar in Buffalo, and it fully deserves that title. The Old Pink, located on the corner of Allen and Mariner, was on fire Monday morning. 

Photos and video footage were shared online, with constant updates on the state of the fire, but as of 8 AM, Buffalo Police Department Fire Chief Paul Graham declared the building as a “total loss.” 

A neighbor behind the bar caught a video of the fire shortly after major flames began. The fire reportedly expanded quickly, and being an older building probably didn’t help the situation. 

Adam Campos, reporter for WKBW, was on the scene of the two-alarm fire shortly after firefighters arrived. 

Thankfully nobody was in the building at the time of the fire, and there were no reported injuries. However, the fire was deemed so dangerous at the time that the firefighters arrived to the scene that they were unable to fight the fire from inside the building. Instead, they elevated themselves above the property in order to put out the fire. 

By 7:30 AM on Monday, the fire was extinguished. 

Seeing a major Buffalo landmark become engulfed in flames is no great way to start the week, and people have mixed emotions after seeing the news about what happened. 

The following 10 tweets show the shock, sadness, and confusion that most people in Buffalo have experienced after hearing the news: 

It's a certain demographic of people who love The Old Pink. Typically, the college students like going there, but others have no idea what it is.

The ones that know about it's legacy were a bit emotional this morning.

Heartbreaking news, for sure.

Shock was my initial reaction. The Old Pink seems like one Buffalo staple that could never really go away, but now...the future of the location is unclear.

I mean, it is legendary, but how could you return it to it's former glory?

A horrible way to start the week.

We're talking to you, Mr. President.

READ MORE: Do you remember when one of the characters from 'The Office' came to bartend at the Old Pink? It was iconic! See the full story here. 

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