Buffalo Central Terminal

Dyngus Day Party!
The Central Terminal has been in the news for other reasons recently like the discussion of it possibly being the site of the the metro rail terminal.  That possibility is looking better as architects now say it could be the best choice...
Bright Future?
What is the future of the Buffalo Terminal?  Toronto developer Harry Stinson who in the mid-80’s was known as the ‘Condo King’ is interested in developing the old terminal.  Stinson was behind Toronto’s revitalization of the old candy s…
Dale Takes On Nike
When Dale discovered a Nike skateboarding commercial was shot in Buffalo’s Central Terminal, he commented that it looked pretty run down and dirty. That’s when Brian Dadswell from the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation reached out and invited us to come tak…
dyngus day parties
Buffalo: The Dyngus Day Capital of the World. Whether you are Polish or not, Dyngus Day is something you look forward to year in and year out. Some of the most popular venues are in South Buffalo, the Hearthstone Manor and the Buffalo Central Terminal.
Why's THAT There?!
You may have noticed it. As I drove toward downtown this weekend, I couldn't help but stare at what the heck was up on the Central Terminal -- a car?!