There are plenty of things in life that make you second guess what you're seeing.  But this seems to be pretty cut and dry.

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Over the years, you've probably heard stories of people who think they see silhouettes of Jesus in a piece of toast.  And who hasn't laid on their back on a nice summer day and looked for shapes that come about in the clouds?  Sometimes you look at them and think, "I don't know...that doesn't really look like that to me."

Then there are times when it seems incredibly obvious what the shapes are and you almost wonder if someone is trying to tell you something or send you a sign from beyond.

Take, for instance, this picture that was posted on Twitter by @PeterkatoQuinn.  What do you see here?

It's almost kind of hard to not see it.

The opening in the clouds looks a lot like a combination of the standing buffalo and the charging buffalo that is on the helmets of our very own Buffalo Bills.

There's no question that mother nature is going to have an impact on this weekend's game.  According to the National Weather Service, at the writing of this post, Buffalo and the surrounding areas are looking at a 100% chance of snow on Saturday and a winter storm watch that begins on Friday night.

Hopefully that's a sign that Mother Nature is on our side and is rooting for us. could just be the way those clouds looked at that moment.  You be the judge.

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