I'm actually kind of surprised that this wasn't already a law. People are both in favor and against this one, what do you think?

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke proposed that WNY pass a ban on smoking in vehicles when children are passengers.

We should call a spade a spade here--it's of course a public health issue, but some claim it goes too far? Do you think it should be banned?

No! Educate. Don't regulate. This impinges on parental rights, and would be entry legislation to a slippery slope. Will the government criminalize a Mickey Dees Happy Meal, or an ice cream cone on a sunny, summer day? What about sugar? Age old sugar is already under assault, whereas artificial sweeteners developed from insecticides are pushed as healthy.!!!????&&&***???

Criminalizing personal behavior has already gone too far. I repeat...educate, don't legislate.


I am from Maine and my husband from Massachusetts. Both states have banned smoking with children in the car. When we moved to Buffalo to find out it wasn't we were both very upset. I believe it should be a law. A child should for no reason be in a car with an adult smoking.


Uhhhhhhh.... Can we work on enforcing cell phone laws first so folks will stop running into the backs of one another and causing major delays at intersections??? How much government control is too much??? This one right here is, that's for sure!


So the government doesn't care about funding for proper education, for ensuring proper services for kids with disabilites, for ensuring that kids don't go hungry, but they want to intrude on our rights with this?!?! And all of you are hooraying this nonsense.


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