A couple of brand new businesses are coming to Western New York for the first time ever and people are very excited about it. Coming to the area will be not only a Costco grocery store but the first Dick's House of Sport. The first one that was ever built was in Rochester.

The project will be done by Benderson and was approved by the Amherst board earlier this month.

It will be located off the 290 on Ridge Lea Road.

What is the difference between the DICK's locations now and Dick's House of Sport?

There are a couple House of Sport location over in the Rochester area and they are really a cool, different experience for any athlete. There are golfing bays including a track master batting cages and, in some instances, hockey and basketball courts inside. At 1 of the Rochester locations, the courts are actually an outdoor facility.

A proposal by Benderson Development Co., Dick's House of Sport would open a 120,000-square-foot store alongside an 18,516-square-foot fenced playing field with a track, bleachers and a scoreboard. Other House of Sport locations feature indoor climbing walls, putting greens, virtual golf bays, food and nutrition markets, batting cages and a "House of Cleats" specialty footwear center", according to the Buffalo News.

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