The summer is almost here and so is the busy tourist season here in New York State. However, some are on edge after recent incidents of crime have taken place in various areas across New York State.

We have been watching the demonstrations on college campuses and wondering what will happen next and will the summer be a violent one? Will the fall be violent as we get ready for one of the biggest presidential elections in our time?

These issues are on our minds and now we are seeing random violence continue in major tourist areas in New York State.

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According to reports, a tourist was stabbed in an unprovoked attack in Times Square Saturday. Video of the incident shows two women walking down the street when a man, sitting outside of a gift shop pulls out a large knife and randomly stabs one of the women in the chest.

This is just the latest in a series of violence and random attacks that appear to have no limit and no rhyme or reason.

It is scary and concerning and could have an impact on tourism this summer. Many families are weighing their options and looking for safe things to do without drama and fear. New York City is not the only location that these things are happening. It seems to be a nationwide issue.

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