Forget Philly. Forget Boston. It's Buffalo, NY with the highest Superbowl ratings. Imagine if the Bills were actually in the Super Bowl. 

Actually, because of this we could claim that we are the biggest football fans in America.

We already knew that Buffalo is the #1 tailgating city in the NFL, but take a look at these ratings.

  1. Buffalo 56.4
  2. Philly 56.2
  3. Boston 55.9
  4. Minneapolis 54.9
  5. Norfolk 53.9
  6. New Orleans 53.0
  7. Providence 52.5
  8. Milwaukee 52.3
  9. Seattle 52.2
  10. Kansas City 52.2

Last night's Superbowl was the 10th most viewed program in American History with 106 million viewership. The Pepsi Halftime show was actually down 13% viewership from Lady Gaga last year, and far behind the #1 viewed halftime show of all time, Katy Perry.

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