Which NFL city has the worst weather?  Yep – you guessed it right – Buffalo.  The Weather Channel put together factors like wind, snow and cold.  Buffalo turned out to be the windiest and snowiest of all NFL cities and came in third in cold temperatures.  The combined score put Buffalo at number one overall by a wide margin over second-place Cleveland.  Other cities in the top…..or is it the bottom five…..Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Kansas City. 

The Weather Channel listed some of the worst weather games played in Buffalo.  One of them was the season finale against Indianapolis in January 2010 where 8 inches of snow fell during the game.

There was the wind game against the Patriots in 2008.  75 mile an hour winds tilted the goalposts during the game.  Workers had to come out with ropes and ladders several times to line them back up again.

And the divisional playoff game against the L-A Raiders in 1994.  The kickoff temperature was zero – making it the coldest Bills game in history. 

They also ranked the all-time worst weather football game, but it wasn’t played in Buffalo.  That one did involve the Bills though,  It was the game played in Cleveland between the Browns and Bills a few years ago.  Remember that December game played in a blinding snowstorm?  It was hard to even see the players on the field especially the Bills in their white uniforms.  The Browns won it 8-nothing.

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