With millions of people in danger along the Carolina and Virginia coast as Hurricane Florence approaches, the Weather Channel has come up with a video that should convince anyone determined to "ride it out" to leave immediately.  The governors of North and South Carolina have issued warnings to people who decide not to leave that they're on their own.

The high winds and heavy rain will be tough enough, but storm surge will cause heavy damage and loss of life for those who decide to stay.  Some low-lying areas near the coast line could see flooding in the range of as much as 13-feet.

Once the eye of the hurricane hits the North Carolina coast just north of Wilmington, it's expected to make a left turn and churn across most of the state and into South Carolina before moving west.

The remnants of Hurricane Florence could bring soaking rain to Western New York next week.

Here's that Weather Channel video that gives you a frightening visual of the type of flooding that Hurricane Florence could bring.

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