We were just talking during Clay & Company about how COVID has made us realize some of the weird things that we have been doing. Maybe gross things that we have been doing. Or maybe made us realize we haven't been doing things as efficiently as we could. Take a look below at what the hotels in town are eliminating!

For example: When you go to Tim Horton's now and you get a cup for the Roll Up the Rim contest, it is now digital. If you think about it, I guess it was kind of gross. You roll up the rim with your teeth and lips then hand it to someone for a free donut.

Curbside to go? HOW CONVENIENT! But, it took until the COVID pandemic to realize that businesses could do something so much easier for shoppers. (Don't even get us started on alcohol to go).

Now, Hotels in Western New York and all over the United States are eliminating HOUSEKEEPING from their hotels. It is one of the most typical and expected amenities while staying at a house. A lot of hotels stopped doing housekeeping during the pandemic, and they just simply have not brought it back.

I know, you are probably thinking: that is why we stay at hotels. So we DO NOT have to make the bed and pick up after ourselves. But, don't you think it is a little weird? There is a stranger that comes into your hotel room and is cleaning up and touching all of your things.

The elimination of housekeeping may have been due to COVID, but it may keep being absent because of a labor shortage as well. Many hotels have said to guests that they should not expect housekeeping to return anytime soon.

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