With hundreds of beautiful lakes covering the map of Upstate New York, it is no wonder that there are so many gorgeous lakefront hotels. We offer up this list of 15 of the best as a sampler representing dozens of other great destinations.

You will find a colorful mix of hotels and inns on this list. Some are old and rustic (one is over 200 years old), and others are newer. In fact one of them on the list has only been open for less than two years.

For obvious reasons, this list leans heavily into our region's magnificent Adirondack "high-peaks area," as well as the famous Finger Lakes area. There are any number of big and small lakes there and we are happy to see so many big resorts still open, operating, and flourishing as tourists flock to Upstate New York in the summer and all the other seasons.

Take a look at this list. Each entry has a link to the resort or inn, and at these websites you can find out details for booking, see archival photographs from over the years, and also read up on the fascinating histories some of these places have.

In fact, did a murder called the "crime of the century" actually take place at a hotel on this list?

Check it out!

These 15 Upstate New York Lakeside Hotels Offer the Ultimate in Relaxation (and History!)

Upstate New York is replete with beautiful lakes, both big and small. And with these lakes comes fantastic lakefront hotel and resort properties. Here are 15 of the best Upstate lakefront hotels waiting to help you unwind. Some are quite old and rustic. Others are as new as only two years old. All are wonderful.

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