Hotels, shopping centers and new restaurants could be in the future in Orchard Park, New York.

The idea is to possibly rezone the area around the brand new Bills stadium in order to get new and more businesses in the area and a study is being paid for in order to see what future options might look like. Possibly in the future you may see more hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. If you have ever been to other stadiums, they are nothing like Western New York.

Sometimes they have shopping centers, bars and places to get food right there in the same complex of the stadium. On the flip side; maybe that is what makes the Buffalo Bills Stadium cool. Right now, Highmark Stadium is right next door to neighborhoods. You can be partying in someone's driveway and be 30 steps from being on the Buffalo Bills property and that is not even exaggerating. I remember being at the home opener this year and one of the Vegas fans telling us how crazy and cool it was that the stadium was basically "built in a neighborhood".

We will see what the study brings about and what the future holds when the new Highmark Stadium is built in 2026.

Orchard Park Town Council Member Conor Flynn says he has secured $100,000 from Empire State Development to run a feasibility study on rezoning the area around One Bills Drive", according to WKBW.

Right now, there are homes that are on Zillow for millions of dollars--much more than the $200,000 original price. The hope is that big businesses will buy the homes to develop.

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