Now that Labor Day Weekend is officially over, many are looking forward to the start of the fall season, even though the calendar technically says it's still summer.

Fall in Western New York is great. The fall foliage is incredible and so are all the events that take place over the next six to eight weeks around the area, such as haunted houses, pumpkin farms, and apple picking.

But the weather will also get cooler and believe it or not, we're not that far off from the first average annual snowfall for Buffalo.

The first average snowfall, according to the National Weather Service, is October 24th. That's when the first flakes usually fly in Buffalo and that's just over six weeks away.

The first (average) measurable snow is two weeks later on November 8th. The first inch is on November 18th. Again, on average. Those could happen earlier or later, so we will have to wait and see.

You remember the October Surprise Storm, which took place late on October 12th and early on October 13th in 2006, which crippled the region with heavy, wet snowfall and downed tree limbs and power lines.

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"Snowvember" was a week before Thanksgiving in 2014, which brought seven to eight feet of snow to parts of the southtowns; so we know that big-time snow can take place in Western New York early.

By the way, November of 2000 brought a famous "surprise" lake effect snowstorm in November. Six years later, we had the October Surprise Storm, and eight years after that, it was Snowvember.

Just saying, we're kind of "due" for an early-season snowstorm. Hopefully, that doesn't happen, though, I think I speak for most everyone in Western New York.

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