Buffalo has all the typical St. Patrick's Day celebrations as other cities do but a national study proves that Buffalo is one of the best cities to observe one of the country's biggest cultural holidays.  The personal finance website WalletHub compared 200 cities across the country using 17 variables and when all the numbers were crunched together Buffalo emerged as the 14th best city for St. Patrick's Day.

One of Buffalo's highest rated categories was St. Patrick's Day Traditions.  Among the variables in that category was St. Patrick's Day parades.  Buffalo is not satisfied with one parade, but has two each year.  That alone probably helped Buffalo's rank in the Traditions category up to ninth.

Also considered were a city's percentage of Irish population, number of Irish pubs and restaurants, proximity and access to bars and restaurants and St. Patrick's Day parties and festivals.

Among the other factors WalletHub considered were the cost of beer, restaurant and hotel affordability, crime rate and weather.

It should be no surprise that Chicago was rated the best city for celebrating St. Patrick's Day followed by Philadelphia, Madison, Wisconsin and Boston.  New York City came in seventh.

By the way, 32.6-million Americans claim Irish ancestry.  That's seven times the population of the entire country of Ireland.

Here is the complete WalletHub report:

Source: WalletHub

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