Oh boy.

Did the city of Buffalo really put up a flag for Italy by accident on St. Patrick's Day weekend? Is this an Italian flag that is hung outside City Hall? People were going insane on social media. They were really bashing the City of Buffalo over the weekend after a post went up over the weekend.

Buffalo Common Council tweeted out that City officials "gathered outside City Hall this afternoon to raise the Flag of Ireland and kick off the St. Patrick's Day celebrations".

IS THAT THE ITALIAN FLAG?! Everyone on social media is saying that the City of Buffalo raised the wrong flag. The flag of Italy is green, white and red. The Irish flag is green, white, and ORANGE.

City officials tweeted out that it is, indeed orange and not red. It is the sun that is making it look different depending on the angle you are looking at it. People on social media though didn't think that far before they tweeted. The City of Buffalo Common Council posted another picture and you can see in the light that it is definitely orange. The plot twist about the whole thing is that, you might already know that St. Patrick himself may have grown up in what is modern-day Italy.

Anyway, that is a debate for another time.

Do you remember that big social media debate a few years back? 'THE DRESS'? It was a dress and people on social media would actually see two different sets of colors either: black and blue, or white and gold.

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