Western New York was mentioned this week on a popular game show, but a majority of people who live here would have got this one wrong. 

It’s always a cool moment when you are watching TV and you hear someone talk about your hometown. It happened again this week on Jeopardy, but a lot of people in Western New York would have missed this one.

This week on Jeopardy, they asked another question about the City of Good Neighbors, but it caught a lot of people off guard. To be honest, many of us were stuck. 

Tons of answers filled Facebook timelines and Instagram feeds after the show, but only a few of them were correct. 

Here’s the question: It’s an animal…it’s a northeastern city…it’s a verb meaning to bully. What is it? 

It’s tricky, right? It almost reminds me of the math word problems you would find in your school textbook. 

The answer was simply BUFFALO…and in hindsight, that kind of makes sense, right? Considering that it was a question about Western New York….

Thankfully the contestant guessed it correct, because I’m over here thinking that if you Buffalo someone, you fool them or trick them…who knew it meant “to bully?” 

Buffalo has been mentioned in tons of tv shows over the years, from Jeopardy to Price is Right to Family Feud. Take a look at another recent Buffalo mention below. 

Watch how one Buffalo family won $20,000 on Family Feud. You can’t help but cheer along with them! 

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