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Ryan Lochte Gets E! Reality Show ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’
Even though the news cycle has folded thousands of times since the 2012 London Olympics, the name Ryan Lochte still commands quite a bit of recognition, as the US gold medalist for swimming. Back then plenty of buzz surrounded Lochte, not only for his party boy persona, but for the various reality series offers floating his way. Now, all of America can sit back and relax, as a deal has finally com
Amherst Teen To Appear On “Glee” [VIDEO]
Jacob Artist, a 19 year old from Amherst, has landed a spot on the hit FOX TV show “Glee.”  Artist, who has been an entertainer since age 5, graduated from Williamsville South in 2010 and quickly moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his career.  Jacob auditioned for “Glee” in July and will now play the new character
Is ABC’s “The Bachelor” Racist ?
I have to admit, I don’t watch “The Bachelor”…okay, okay, I’ve watched it once or twice.  For those of you who watch the show religiously, you may have an opinion on this matter.  The show is in its 10th year and is now being called racist by two men (African American) who went to audition for a spot on the show.
Hillbilly Handfishin’ Show! [VIDEO]
So I'm one of those people that LOVES watching  the animal planet channel.  How can you not?  From cute cuddly animals to dangerous ones that attack I'm addicted to that channel!  I thought I had seen all the shows they have on that channel but today I was shown I have much more to watch...