I have to admit, I don’t watch “The Bachelor”…okay, okay, I’ve watched it once or twice.  For those of you who watch the show religiously, you may have an opinion on this matter.  The show is in its 10th year and is now being called racist by two men (African American) who went to audition for a spot on the show. Chris Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks are filing a class action suit against the show because they say that they were quickly dismissed when they both arrived for auditions.  Johnson says that as soon as he arrived at this Nashville hotel to audition, he was quickly asked by a producer “What are you doing here?”  Both Johnson and Claybrooks say that they were then asked to stay off to the side of the audition room and were left out of the “normal audition process.”  Both believe that they weren’t handled properly and weren’t given a call back because of their race!


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