While most of us are hoping for less stress and drama this year, Mother Nature may have other plans. There are reports that a large snowstorm may be approaching the New York State region, there are also reports of an earthquake to start the year.

The winter in New York State is always an up and down experience. This winter seems to have started off rather mild and wet compared to others. However, anyone who has been in New York for a lengthy amount of time knows that can change quickly and we are ready for it.

The natural event that we never seem to be prepared for is the threat of an earthquake. While generally small/minor, New York State gets it's fair share of quakes and one was reported on Tuesday.

Residents in Queens and parts of Roosevelt Island felt a one-point-seven magnitude struck around 5:45 a.m., about three-miles underground, with the epicenter near 21st Street and 24th Avenue in Astoria.

According to reports, the quake also was responsible for some power outages.

ABC reports:

A few buildings just south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge and Tram were experiencing power outages, Roosevelt Island residents told New York ABC station WABC.

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