So I'm one of those people that LOVES watching  the animal planet channel.  How can you not?  From cute cuddly animals to dangerous ones that attack I'm addicted to that channel!  I thought I had seen all the shows they have on that channel but today I was shown I have much more to watch. 

 If you have watched the show Hillybilly Handfishin you know what I'm talking about when I say this show is CRAZY!  Seriously people I can barely catch a fish with a hook and worm so the idea of catching a fish with my bare hands doesn't seem possible.  Plus the fact that when I would go fishing in any type of water that may or may not have fish in there would terrify me a little.  I always feared that if I stopped moving my feet even for a minute some fish would come up and bite my toes.  This show does NOT help this fear at all!!  I will say I am not addicted to this show and LOVE watching faces of the people that just felt a fish bite for the first time!  Here's a taste of this show!  Let me know what you think!