There is no doubt that Buffalo is a city on the rise. The city has found itself of several "Top" list from the business world to the architectural world. With additions like Canalside and the revitalization of downtown Buffalo has become a city to visit! Tour groups are starting to become noticeable downtown and it's a welcome sight for the economy.

Some of those tourist may be from our neighbors to the north and it's because the city is now a place to visit. Buffalo recently made the "6 Great American Cities Canadians Should Visitin a recent article from Skyscanner. The city sits amongst some other impressive US destinations like Chicago, San Fransisco, New Orleans, Honolulu and Las Vegas.

Nick Bruckman/
Nick Bruckman/

The article sites the abundant amount of parks, restaurants and new boutique hotels that are popping up the area. The city has shopping, dining, the waterfront and of course beer and wings. What else could you ask for?

To read the full article click HERE.

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