Buffalo is still on the upswing if it’s renaissance.  More and more recognition keeps coming and it’s just as much about being “good neighbors” as it is with our attractions. The "City of Good Neighbors" made number 18 on the NY Times 52 Places To Go in 2018 list.

Here's what makes this article so great to read, it highlights all the right things about Buffalo. The author of the article, Jada Yuan, is visiting all the 52 places to go on the list and she gets to share her perspective at each stop. From before the story of her visit begins she is already experiencing what we all love about Buffalo...people are nice.

One of my favorite quotes from her article is this,

"Buffalo went from a place I didn’t think about, ever, to somewhere I would consider moving."

In her article Yuan highlights what would be expected, the architecture, the wings, the revitalization but because of her experiences before she even visited she really was able to experience Buffalo as an honorary Buffalonian and see just how wonderfully diverse and unique this town really is.

If I had to guess, I think Jada Yuan will be returning to Buffalo just for pleasure.

Read the FULL article HERE...trust me, you won't put it down!


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