Training for a marathon takes months.  So I guess if you were to look on the bright side, you're going to have a little more time to train for it this year.

The Buffalo Marathon is a highly sought after race.  It's an opportunity for people to qualify for the Boston Marathon and comparatively it is a very flat course, so many people choose it to get their best time.

However, this year, they're going to have to wait at least an extra month before they can run it.  Traditionally it is held in May on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  It's a perfect time of year for it.  It's normally a little bit cooler (although I think the two years I ran it, it was in the 80s by early morning) so if you get a sunny day, it's normally a great run.

Last year instead of holding the traditional race where people would gather and line up at the starting line, they had people do a virtual race over a couple of weeks and they gave out a very unique medal that people could earn when they ran the 5k, half and full marathon portion of the race.

This year it's been pushed back a few weeks.  They will tentatively hold the marathon on the weekend of June 26 and 27 instead of their normal weekend in May.

"The safety of everyone involved is always our number one priority, so this was the best decision given the current factors." - Greg Weber, Executive Director/Race Director for the Buffalo Marathon

However, if you've already registered for the race and would choose to defer to a later date in 2022, 2023, or 2024, you can do that for free up until June 25th of this year.

If you choose to switch to the virtual option for this year, you can earn the 20th Anniversary SWAG as well as a 50% discount to register for the 2022 event.

Need more?  Check out their COVID update page by clicking here.


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