Are you tired of having the heat on in the car on your way to work, and then having to flip to the air conditioning on the way home? Because same. 

Fortunately, it looks like we will be past the cold soon, but that doesn’t negate what we have been dealing with for the last several weeks. 

About a month ago, Western New Yorkers experienced quite the warm up, with temperatures hitting a high of 83 one weekend. Of course, with any warm up like that in Buffalo, you just know that you’ll be paying for it later. 

And we have. 

According to meteorologist Patrick Hammer, this month has been the “coolest start to May since 1978.”

It may even go back further than that as more days pass. Hammer said, “In 1978, May 3rd got to 50, so it could go even further back.”

Regardless, it’s one of the coldest starts to May in 45 years, which is a good explanation for why so many people in Western New York still have their winter coats!

The good news is: it’s supposed to warm up this weekend, and we’ll start to see some more spring-like weather. 

Saturday is perfect for Cinco De Mayo weekend with partly cloudy skies and a high of 63. For Sunday, it’s predicted to be partly cloudy with a high of 68, and the weather should stay on the trend for next week.

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