Buffalo Mayor Bryon Brown's attempt to become the first Buffalo mayor to serve 5 terms looks like it has come to an end and the results are getting national attention.

According to the latest primary results, newcomer India Walton will become the next mayor of Buffalo and will also become the city's first female mayor.

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The stunning upset in the primary is getting lots of attention across the country. CNN ran the story during their national headlines this morning.

The New York Times also covered the race and posted an article on its website.

Ms. Watson also got a Tweet from US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The reason for the coverage is that Walton is set to become the first socialist mayor of a major American city since 1960.

Walton received the endorsement of Democratic Socialists of America and the Working Families Party leading up to the primary.

While much of the media has called the race for Ms. Walton, Mayor Bryon Brown did not concede last night saying that the race was still too close to call.

According to WIVB, even though 100% of the precincts had been counted last night, the absentee ballots have not been counted. WIVB is also reporting that Walton will be unopposed in the November election since according to the election officials no other candidate has filed paperwork to be on any of the other lines on the ballot.

During her victory speech last night, Ms. Walton said that no current job in the city is safe and that it is time for changes to come to the city.

You can watch here speech down below.

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