Summer’s almost here, and we can’t wait to get out and take advantage of all that Buffalo has to offer. 

From June to August, our calendar is often crammed with birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and other family obligations.

On top of that, there seems to be another festival, concert, or other big popular event happening in and around Western New York. It’s definitely hard to be bored on summer weekends in the Buffalo area. 

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It’s obvious that Buffalo, New York is filled with tons of fun stuff to do on the weekend for people of all ages - but what about during the week?

Why You Should Make Plans In Buffalo, NY During The Week

We need to take more advantage of the fun stuff to do around Buffalo from Monday to Friday, not just on the weekends.

Sure, it’s more common to finally venture out of the house when the weekend hits, but there’s a lot of reason why having some fun during the week is preferred:

  • Kids off for summer break don’t just want to do stuff on Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • Retail workers, essential workers, shift workers, and those who help run those weekend hot spots deserve to have some fun, too. 
  • Travel rates are more expensive on summer weekends, so if you’re from out of town and looking to save a buck on your Buffalo trip and still have a great time, book a trip during the week. 
  • Playing hooky from work is a lot better when the weather is nice. 

Have we convinced you yet that weekdays deserve some love, too?

Buffalo Has Awesome Things To Do Monday Through Friday

Thankfully, a big city like Buffalo is hopping every single day of the week, so there’s no shortage of fun stuff to do anytime.

Here’s some awesome things to do and try during the week in Buffalo, New York - not just on the weekends. 

14 Awesome Things To Do During The Week In Buffalo, New York

Fun in Buffalo, New York shouldn't be reserved for the weekends! Here are some fun things you can do here in Western New York Monday through Friday.

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