We have just about a week left in the month of February, and that means that springtime is in sight. It doesn't mean the warmer weather is here to stay, but at least the end is in sight for those looking to get out of the cold weather.

Road crews in the City of Buffalo and all around Western New York will be hard at work in March and April, fixing potholes left behind by plows during this past winter.

Pothole season is unlike anything you've ever seen. I always tell friends who don't live in Buffalo about what we have to deal with. Our cars have rust underneath them. It doesn't mean they don't work any differently, it's just because of all the snow and salt.

We also have a lot of car troubles from potholes, whether they're flat tires or something more serious, like alignment.

You may know about the craters that are littered on Allen Street in Buffalo. The worst spot is right in front of Gabriel's Gate, so it's a popular part of Buffalo for motorists.

A photo of what the road currently looks like was posted on Twitter on Sunday night and has since gone viral.

A Twitter user says that the city is redoing the street at the moment, which is why it looks like that, even though it's still the middle of winter.

Even if the city is currently redoing that stretch of Allen Street, that's undriveable. It should be closed off until they're done. It looks so bad I assumed this wasn't even real when I first saw it. But it is.

Just another winter in Buffalo!

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