It is pothole season in New York State and you can get money if your car is damaged in New York State.

Whether it is a pothole of maybe some other reason that you had damage to your car, you can get money if you think that it is the Thruway's fault.

Here is what you are going to need if you have any damage to your car:

Where do you send it into? There are 2 different ways:


New York State Thruway Authority
Attn: Claims Unit
P.O. Box 189
Albany, NY  12201-0189


Or you can scan and email the form to or faxed to (518) 471-4340.

When will you get your money?

  • Well, first you have to get approved. Just because you put in a form doesn't mean that there will be money coming your way.
  • There will be an investigation.
  • New York State will respond to you with an approval or a decline within 10 weeks.

There is spot where you can put your claim into the New York State Thruway to get money for your car damage. Certain counties in New York State also offer reimbursement for  damage to your car. Some of the hardest problems that residents will run into is trying to determine who's road is whose. Which roads are maintained by local towns, The County or New York State.

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