Everyone is trying to make the best of quarantine.

We always get defensive when anyone says anything bad about Buffalo, NY, but are they right? Buffalo was ranked as one of the worst cities in America to be quarantined in.

I mean maybe they're not wrong. There's people in other cities who can sit in the beautiful weather, go in a pool, have been golfing for months.

How did they rank everything? Zippa, a career expert site, wrote: "What do they care about? Spacious apartments, speedy internet, plentiful take-out options, and nearby green space."

99 Cities in America were ranked

1. Scottsdale

2. Irving

3. Las Vegas

4. San Diego

5. Virginia Beach





96. Buffalo

97. Paterson, NJ

98. Hialeah, Fl

99. Newark, NJ

Look at the full list here.

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