President's Day is here and it turns out that Buffalo has a pretty strong history when it comes to the residents of the White House.

You probably know about McKinley being shot here in 1901 and the following inauguration of Roosevelt. It is one of the well known bits of history of the Buffalo area. As a matter of fact, the inaugural site is one of the more photographed places in the city.

But one other president has a strong history in Buffalo. Grover Cleveland was not only the mayor of Buffalo at one time, he was also the Erie County Sheriff!

There are so many reminders of Cleveland around Buffalo. From a golf course named after the 22nd and 24th POTUS to a road and even a burger joint, you've seen his name around town. Cleveland was born in New Jersey,he was raised here in New York State and elected the mayor of Buffalo in 1881 and eventually the Governor of New York before his trip to Washington for a couple of non-consecutive terms.

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While most kids have off to honor the former and current Presidents of the United States, history has been playing out in front of them for the last few months. As we go from one President to another this and even have a former President face impeachment, there is plenty for history and government students to learn. Beyond all of the sales and deals this holiday, Buffalo can relish the fact that we have such a strong history when it comes to our President.

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