Outside of the Bills, Sabres, snow and the people, the biggest claim to fame for Buffalo is the amazing food you can find here.

Western New York is not a place that you go to for fine dining or those fancy things like you can find on every corner in New York City, Los Angeles or Miami, but it is a place with outstanding bar food. That is perfectly okay with Buffalonians too.

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Chicken wings, beef on weck, pizza, pizza logs, French onion soup, hot dogs, appetizers and much more.

There are local restaurants that could do great if they franchised across the country.

The downside of franchising is that the quality may not hold up to standards of the places already in business, plus the cost of adding many more locations out of the region is why many local restaurants across the country don't go nationwide.

You also need to have the right financial backing and other certain factors need to fall into place.

Still, if we're thinking purely hypothetical here, there are a few Western New York restaurants that could do amazing business if they expanded outside of the Buffalo area.

Some are fast food type establishments, while others are more of a takeout and sit-down style of restaurant. Buffalo's best food is relatively quick, very tasty, and extremely popular styles of dishes in other states.

Here are four Buffalo restaurants that could easily do amazing if they expanded outside of Western New York.

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