Enjoy attending Buffalo Sabres games, but can't make it to all of them?  The Sabres have introduced a new tool to reap the rewards of being a season ticket holder while sharing them with other fans. 

The new tool is called SplitSeasonTickets.  It makes it simple to connect with other fans to share in the tickets you can't use and share in the expense.

According to the Sabres, fans who use SplitSeasonTickets can create a custom listing on Sabres.com showing the number of games they wish to share and connect with other fans to form a group to share a ticket package.  It sorts tickets and tracks their use, plus it gives fans a digital platform to communicate with each other.

The new tool also offers an online draft tool, similar to fantasy sports drafts, as a way to accurately and efficiently divide tickets.  This feature is also available to existing season ticket holders who already split tickets and would like to use it to help keep track of their selections.  Best of all it's absolutely free.

To set up an account and start connecting with other Sabres fans, go to Sabres.SplitSeasonTickets.com.


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