The Buffalo Sabres' season is not going the way they have hoped. Does that mean another star could be headed out of town?

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It was just a couple of months ago that social media was abuzz with possible trades for Buffalo's former #1 overall pick Ramus Dahlin.

One of the teams is way out west. Several reports came out that the LA Kings were looking to bolster their defensive lineup and that trading for Dahlin would make a lot of sense. The Kings were rumoured to try to make a trade for Dahlin back before the trade deadline last year. If the Sabres did pull the trigger, it would be great to send him out west because that is a better deal than the other team interested.

That other team is the New Jersey Devils. Just like the Kings, the Devils were rumoured to have an interest in Dahlin back before the trade deadline last season.

This year's #1 along with two more future #1s and a player or two should be the going rate for Dahlin.

If you look at the prospects that each team has to give up in the trade, once again you would think LA is the better option.

This is the final year of Dahlin's entry-level contract and he is expected to get a big pay raise. Will the Sabre move him, along with some other stars, and continue to rebuild, or do they show the fans that they want to win now, keep Dahlin and add some better players with their cap space.

If you ask me, after years of frustration, the Sabres must have a win-now mentality or by the time they do win, they won't have any fans left!


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