Not many people think about what happens to the animals that get stuck in these huge storms.  But these two did.

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Just a few short days ago, Buffalo was hit with a blizzard that many called a storm of a generation.  One couple went on a mission to save some animals in the aftermath.

It was one of the deadliest storms to ever hit Western New York.  Have we seen more snow?  Probably.  Were there colder temperatures here before?  Definitely.  But this storm was devastating.  Nearly 40 people died throughout the weekend from circumstances around it.

After the snow had fallen and the winds had calmed a little, a couple from Buffalo went on a mission to help where they could.  Their mission - was to help save seagulls that were trapped in ice.

They noticed that many of the seagulls had essentially hunkered down and did their best to stay warm while what felt like hurricane-force winds swept through.  Unfortunately, that meant that the seagulls got stuck in the ice that they were clinging to.  So when the blizzard was over, they couldn't move along and find food to survive.  They were literally frozen.

According to CNN, their names are Seamus Gallivan and Alex McArthur.  They found the seagulls stuck on the ice of Lake Erie and decided to do something to help them get free.  So they got out their hammers and chisels and did what they could to help them escape.  They even brought one home to help it rehab it's frozen wings before setting it free again.

All in all they ended up saving 16 seagulls.

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