Local businesses mean everything to this community.  So it's good to see one finally re-opening after a notice that said they would be closed indefinitely.

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A couple of weeks ago on Christmas weekend, Buffalo saw what they were calling a "Storm of a Generation" in the days that led up to it.  It turned out to be all that and more.  It was devastating.  People were locked in, businesses were closed, and at least 40 people lost their lives due to exposure or other incidents that were related to the storm.

One of those businesses that had to close was Wonder Coffeehouse on Ganson Street in Buffalo.  It's still what some would call a newer establishment, but definitely, one that has gathered plenty of attention.  I was blown away by it the first time I visited.  From its little nook eating and drinking areas that are made from shipping containers to the coffee and waffles, this is a place you should check out.

They've got everything from specialty coffees, protein shakes, and smoothies to specialty waffles.  From chicken & waffles to waffle ice cream sandwiches and even mini waffles that they call "Little Wonders."

They could use your business now more than ever.  On Facebook, they put up a notice that said unfortunately they were closed indefinitely due to a lack of power following the blizzard.

I should point out that this was many days after the snow had melted.  They were still without power.  Unfortunately they needed a special piece of equipment to get back up and running.

However, there was good news this week:

They've announced that they're back up and running!  However, they've lost a lot of business over the last couple days.  They're not looking for handouts or donations.  They're just asking that you come back.

Best of luck to Wonder Coffeehouse.

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