Motherhood, although incredibly rewarding, can be challenging - especially if you’re going at it without a partner. 

If you’re a single mom, a huge chunk (or sometimes all) of the responsibility of raising your kid lies on you. If you’re a mother without a supportive co-parent, family, friends, and/or community network, it can feel overwhelming to do it alone.

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According to the company LawnStarter, some cities set single mothers up for success better than others. LawnStarter analyzed 200 large cities in the United States, using a variety of metrics like affordability, safety, available child care, community support, quality education, and health care. 

According to their list, three cities in the state of New York measured up to be great places for single moms to consider raising their kids, with one standing above the rest. How did Buffalo fare?

Buffalo Is The Best City In New York State For Single Moms

According to LawnStarter’s list, Buffalo is the best city for single moms in all of New York State, ranking number 10 out of 200 cities in the US. 

Following close behind Buffalo was Rochester, New York, landing in the number 11 spot, and Syracuse, New York, sitting at number 15. 

All three Upstate New York cities had high rankings regarding home and outdoor space, work-life balance, and community support.

Additionally, Buffalo also had high rankings in these metrics:

  • Availability of Job Protection in Paid Family Leave Policy  - 1st
  • Cost of Living - 6th
  • Uninsured Rate for Women - 10th
  • Single Moms per 100,000 Residents - 15th
  • Share of Residents Within 10-Minute Walk of a Park - 25th
  • Child Care Workers per 100,000 Residents - 26th

Check out the full list of 2023’s Best Cities For Single Moms here

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