Other than the amazing people who live here and the Bills and Sabres, the number one claim to fame for Buffalo and Western New York is its food.

The food here rivals almost anywhere in the United States and it's a location that is notorious for loving local restaurants and not being overly kind to the national places, other than a few huge fast-food chains (McDonald's, Wendy's, etc.).

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Even though Buffalo will always choose its local sit-down restaurants over the national chain ones, there are a few sit-down chain restaurants that have thrived in Western New York.

When I was a kid, my parents used to visit at least one sit-down chain place every week. That was often Perkins, which is no longer in Western New York (we went to the one on Maple Road in Amherst), but there are chains that Buffalo does support.

Whether they're in the northtowns or southtowns, there are a few that people keep coming back to. Two or three of them might fool some here, thinking they're a local chain, but in reality they're a chain that did not originate in Western New York.

Here are seven of the most popular sit-down chain restaurants in Buffalo and Western New York.

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