It is Hockeytown, USA and you would never know we have the last place team in the league. NBC Sports just released the Top 10 viewing markets through the first 12 days of the NHL Playoffs and Buffalo is right up at the top. While Pittsburgh seals the number one slot, Buffalo is not far behind at number two on this list.

This leads to a discussion that Clay and I were having with Dierks Bentley in Las Vegas about hockey and how big it is in Buffalo. He said he imaged that it's hard to find a seat at any bar during the playoffs.  Maybe follow Dierks advice and hop on the Nashville bandwagon for the playoffs, they are still holding strong in third and they've had some heavy hitters with the national anthem.

While each of the top two markets have dropped slightly since last week Buffalo is still in second with purpose.

Here are the standings through the fist 5 days.

Get more info about the NHL Playoff standings and game schedule HERE.

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