If you grew up here in Western New York you know how amazing the area is and if you were around Buffalo, you know that city had its very own theme song.

It's true, back in the 1980s the City Of Buffalo commissioned a TV jingle to help promote the city and give Western New Yorkers a chance to feel good about themselves.

The "Talking Proud" campaign according to the website forgottenbuffalo.com was written by a local advertising executive named Alden Schutte in 1980.

The theme song was used both on radio and television commercials. The TV commercials featured Terry Licata Braunstein as the lead singer.  According to her Facebook page, Braunstein is a Western New York native and attended school at Mount St. Mary Academy and SUNY Erie Community College.

The "Talking Proud" theme song was used throughout the 1980s and it is not the only song associated with Buffalo. Any Bills or NFL fan knows "The Shout" song.

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The shout song is the song that is played anytime the Bills score at home and played throughout the parking lot during tailgates and all around Western New York during football season.

When the original "Talking Proud" song was released in 1980, the area was not in great shape. The city was still recovering from the Blizzard of 77, Bethlehem Steel was losing money and closing down operations all over the area.

There was even a billboard asking the last person to leave the city to turn off the lights.

In 2022, things have turned around for the city and many Western New Yorkers are "Talking Proud" again.

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