Let's be honest, it can be worrisome when relying on others for transportation. You're at the mercy of the Uber or Lyft app and whether or not you'll have to pay out the nose for that ride.

Monday was quite a busy and frustrating day for me.

For starters, I'm nursing a few injuries; most notably a right knee injury which makes even mundane activities, challenging.

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It's a meniscus injury with the actual joint capsule and surgery is probably on the horizon in the fall. So that's why it was paramount my fiancée and I could find an Uber ride as quickly as possible in the City of Buffalo.

We were at City Hall and just got approved for our marriage license. We didn't drive because I wouldn't have been able to walk from the parking garage all the way to City Hall, which was challenging enough as is.

When leaving we tried for an Uber, only to be rejected by multiple drivers in close proximity. After getting a ride canceled, where the driver would have taken 20 minutes to reach us, an Uber finally accepted who was five minutes away. It was a relief because of needing to rest.

The Uber driver we got was easily the nicest Uber driver we have ever gotten.

Her name was Sarah and I wanted to take the time to thank her for being so unbelievably nice. She noticed me limping and asked what happened? I told her and she proceeded to give me advice and say that she was sorry I had to go through this, which surprised me.

She asked about our upcoming wedding and gave us more advice and what to do in the future.

Normally, you rather not get a hugely talkative person when getting a rideshare, but this was the classic example of a person warming your heart and your day.

There are still amazing people out there and Sarah is one of them. Thank you to her and her kindness today.

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