Spring may be officially around the corner, but we still have a few days left to deal with Old Man Winter in Western New York - and he’s not gonna let us forget it.  

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The National Weather Service of Buffalo calls for snow showers from Monday night into Wednesday morning, with wind gusts up to 29 mph and temperatures ranging from the low 20s to around 30 degrees.

Of course, this snowfall won’t be nearly as nasty as other storms that hit Western New York this year, but it will still be a pain to deal with. Hazardous roads come with the territory during the wintertime in Western New York. Roads will be icy and slippery, and visibility won’t be great. 

Keep These Winter Must-Have Items In Your Car

If you were tempted to do some early spring cleaning and declutter the extra winter items that are taking up space in your car, you’re going to wanna hold off for at least a few more days - or longer.

If we/ve learned anything about Buffalo weather, we know it’s unpredictable. If I were you, I’d leave your winter necessities inside your vehicle until May. Heck…leave it in there all year long! It is Buffalo, after all.

Here are the must-have winter items you’ll need to keep in your car for a few weeks more (at least) in Buffalo.

You Need To Keep These Reliable Winter Essentials In Your Car

Winter isn't over yet, Buffalo!

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