As we are enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather around New York State this week, there are distractions on the roads everywhere. From young kids on bikes going to and from school, to motorcycles and people walking, there are also even more things to be aware of when we are driving this spring.


When you first started driving, it was your first real taste of freedom. You didn't need your mom and dad to drive you everywhere and perhaps you started to save for your own car? The first time you drive you are also experiencing your first major responsibility. Driving a car is like driving a bomb. It is a powerful machine that, if not treated with respect can cause serious damage to life and property.

Those who drive everyday are well aware of the dangers that could be waiting on the roads. The weather for example, can be a major factor when we drive around New York State. But there are some dangers that we simply wouldn't be aware of until it is wither too late or until we are given specific information.


The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV commissioner says :

“New Yorkers with vehicles that are subject to this recall, and subsequent upgrade, should take steps immediately to fix this air bag issue and to protect themselves and others,” said DMV Commissioner and Chair of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Mark J.F. Schroeder. “‘Do Not Drive’ warnings are not issued lightly and are done for a reason. We urge everyone who is part of this group to act as soon as possible.”


The BMW models under this recall include:

2000-06 3 Series, including M3;
2000-03 5 Series, including M5; and,
2000-04 X5s

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