The COVID-19 pandemic continues and as well all reach for hand sanitizer and find the best fitting and fashionable face mask to wear, technology that many of us have may help assist to keep us healthy!

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If you have a smartwatch, it may be able to tell when you have a change in your temperature and heart rate which could be a sign that you are coming down with something.
According to a report from,

Because wearables are excellent tools for monitoring general health conditions, researchers began studying ways of using them to detect illness before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This particular report is special for Buffalo because it was written by a professor from UB!    is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UB.

I wear a watch and find the heart rate feature very helpful when I am running and doing some sort of exercise. It is also great for counting calories.

But perhaps in the near future there will be a watch or device in our houses that will let us know right away there is a virus or bacteria we should be aware of.  2020 has been strange and there is not much that surprises us anymore. Such a device may be ready sooner than we think?


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