The cold weather that we have been feeling over the last couple of days here in Buffalo and Southern Ontario may just have been a tease. It looks like Mother Nature will be bringing back the more mild temperatures that we love in mid-autumn here in the Niagara Region.

But perhaps the brief blast of arctic air has you looking and planning ahead for the cold and bitter wind that we all know will be here for real before too long. Maybe this is the year you decide to spend a little more money and get the right coat for the weather that we have? You are in luck, there is a perfect place to try out a coat in a room that mimics the winter weather, all year round!

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Check out this room at the Canada Goose Store in Toronto, Canada!

@narcitytoronto The Canada Goose store at Sherway Garden has a cold room #toronto #narcitytoronto #canadagoosestore #torontoontario #fyp #canada #canadagoose ♬ original sound - narcitytoronto

Unfortunately, the room was closed when we were in Toronto recently. But I am told it get super cold and it is truly one of a kind.

This is a genius way to get people to shop at brick and mortar locations rather than online. Sure you could browse pictures and deals all day on your phone, but how cool (cold?) would it be to see how the clothing feels in the conditions you are planning on wearing them in? Who knows, maybe we will see a beach room pop up in the Buffalo area soon for those who want a head start on that spring break outfit?

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