College just got a little more affordable.  According to WKBW, Canisius College will be dropping their admission price by 23% in 2018.

The drop comes at a time when private colleges in New York have to compete with free tuition at SUNY Schools.

It's a pretty big drop too.  The price of admission at Canisius will now drop to $27,000 from $34,966.  It hasn't been that low since 2008.

They will also be dropping the price of housing by $2000.

It seems like a double edged sword for many people.  While it's good to see so many people being able to finally afford higher education, it kind of stinks to continue paying those student loans that are hard to get out from underneath.

Many people think that cheaper or free college will diminish the degree and make it less prestigious.

You will still have to get good grades to graduate.  To maintain the tuition assistance, the student will have to maintain a certain grade point average.

The admission drop will take effect for Canisius next fall.



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