It may sound daunting, and it is, but this is an AirBnB you have to stay in, or at least consider.
If you want to take your hammock camping to the next level, why not hang at 100' &and enjoy the breeze while you rest?
When you stay at this AirBnB in Kentucky, you can hang off the sides at any level,  and if you choose to bring a friend, it is only $15 for each additional guest. Plus, did I mention there are incredible views?
This AirBnB listing is for the adventurous types that want to hammock camp. You can use the tower cab if it is more your style, but you should know that it's not a hotel room.

The space

This tower lets you hammock at the highest altitude in the entire county, but you must stay for a 2-night minimum. There are plenty of places to camp on the ground as well, but that may be slightly less fun. If you can't handle hammocking on the outside, that is completely ok -- you are welcome to stay inside. The tower cab is an 8' x 8' square at the top inside the cab.

Check out these incredible pictures from the AirBnB.

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You can hammock from 100' high at this AirBnB in Christian County, Kentucky. Take a look at some of the pictures, but be warned if you are scared of heights.
DISCLOSURE (listed from the owner of the property): The tower cab is not a hotel room. There may be the occasional wasp that gets in there, so deal with it. There is 120v AC power in the cab so the techies can charge their phones. If the power has gotten turned off for some reason, it's just a breaker at the tower base that needs reset.
But here's a secret...if you look off to the North, you can overlook a 1000-acre farm of a very famous country music star from Nashville. The owner never states who the country star is, but hints that they may have a beau who plays professional hockey. Sounds like it may be Carrie Underwood, but you can ask the owner to verify that guess. Bring your binoculars, and know that there is a privy on the property that can be used for bathroom facilities.

Other things to note

There's a good road that leads to the AirBnB with exceptional parking and it is in a completely safe location. If you are checking-in after dark, just let the property owner know ahead of time so they can be prepared to greet you.

If for some reason the power has gotten turned off, all you have to do is reset the breaker at the tower base.

NOTE: There are two entrances to the tower; only one of which is open to public traffic. Something that happens a lot is that when putting the address in your GPS it depends on where you are coming from on which entrance it brings you to. When you book we can discuss the correct one.

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