Hockey playoffs are sort of a sore subject here in Buffalo because the Sabres aren’t in them but life and hockey goes on.  With the playoffs come a bunch of unshaven players who will grow out their beards during the course of the playoff season.  Carrie Underwood told that she isn’t looking forward to her husband Mike Fishers facial hair, as his team the Nashville Predators enter the playoffs.  “I’m not looking forward to the playoff beard,” she joked to PEOPLE. “[The players] all grow out their facial hair during the playoffs. So before they started, I told Mike, ‘You need to shave close.’ He always looks good with a little stubble, but it’s probably going to get out of hand soon.”

Has Carrie threatened to join the fun and not shave her legs during the playoffs?  Quote “I’m going to stop shaving, too,” she said. “Just kidding!”  Okay so that’s not going to happen.  Good move Carrie, leg hair not hot.  Facial hair on your man, hot.