Casey is a former Staff Sergeant with the United States Army!  He served six years at Fort Bragg and comes to us from Randolph. We want to thank Casey for his brave service to his country!

You want a hero? How about a guy who had to be medevaced out of Afghanistan on his last tour. He was taken to Germany to recover and was able to return home to his wife and baby.

He is certainly a hero to his wife and child, but also to us, and we would like to thank him for his service.

If you would like to nominate someone who is currently serving our country or has served in the past, click the button below. We will choose a new Hometown Hero each Friday. If their name is chosen, we will not only feature them right here on, but we'll be sure to thank them for their service on the air and dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.