If you have not been to Darien Lake in a while you need to know this. We saw a ton of people on Facebook who did not know the change and there was a lot of complaining, but Darien Lake has done a good job of solving the problem. Here is why people are mad on social media toward Darien Lake.

They do not accept cash anymore and people are saying that it is such an inconvenience. If you have gone to the park recently, you have noticed that EVERYWHERE in the park only accepts credit cards. Darien Lake is a completely cashless amusement park.

What if I do not own a credit card?

That is okay. Darien Lake has actually came up with a way around this. You can EXCHANGE your cash and put the money on a temporary credit card so that you can use it while you are at Darien Lake. The amusement park has these signs up throughout the park.

Darien Lake does not accept cash anymore. If you do not have a credit card you can convert your cash to a card at certain locations inside.

  • Main Gate
  • Tradewinds
  •  Main Games Aisle
  • Rolling Thunder ride
  • General Store

So, if you were worried about seeing posts on social media regarding the change do not worry. You will still be accommodated even if you only have cash with you that day. Also make sure you check when Darien Lake is opened during the summer because most Tuesdays they were not opened at all.

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